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BEP Mobile Teaching Unit, Thailand: Hands On Training @ 42km School

42km is named that as such as it is 42km from Mae Sot, is a boarding school and is fairly close to the Burma border. It is not one of our regular schools but they asked for a day’s training, so the teacher/trainers went down at the week-end and spent the day with them. Some of the children here have been orphaned and some are sent here since their parents fro whatever reasons cannot look after them.

The Burma Education Partnership,  (BEP) is a UK-based voluntary organisation which provides professional educational support for schools in communities on the Thai/Burma border displaced by war, oppression and economic hardship. BEP is involved in both materials development and teacher training. It also operates a Mobile Teacher Unit working in partnership with Burmese teachers in the classroom offering  training, planning sessions and English language upgrading leading to formal accreditation.

With the financial and professional support of we are working to raise the profile of the Burma Education Partnership and in so doing helping some of the most disadvantaged and insecure communities in South East Asia.

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